17 miles | 30 miles | 60 miles

We are very sorry but we are cancelling all NWEpic Series races in 2023.

Join us for our traditional season opener at Stottlemeyer on the Kitsap Peninsula!



Race Categories

Epic (60-mile)
— Male 19-39, Male 40-49, Male 50-59, Male 60+, Male Jr (18 and under)*
— Female 19-39, Female 40-49, Female 50-59, Female 60+, Female Jr (18 and under)*
— Singlespeed, Clydesdale 210+, Athena 165+, Non-Binary

Epic Lite (30-mile) 
— Male 19-39, Male 40-49, Male 50-59, Male 60+, Male Jr (18 and under)
— Female 19-39, Female 40-49, Female 50-59, Female 60+, Female Jr (18 and under)
— Singlespeed, Clydesdale 210+, Athena 165+, Non-Binary

FSA 17-mile (these categories are not eligible for series awards)
— Male 19-39, Male 40-49, Male 50-59, Male 60+, Male Jr (18 and under)*
— Female 19-39, Female 40-49, Female 50-59, Female 60+, Female Jr (18 and under)*
— Singlespeed, Clydesdale 210+, Athena 165+, Non-Binary

*Junior categories are only eligible for Series points at the 30-mile distance

Chip Timing

We'll be using chip timing! If you already have a chip, use it (just let us know the number). If you don't have one, you must purchase one for $10. Please keep it for future races.

FSA Loop 17-mile

For riders who want to try racing but not commit to the long distance or for those of you who want to push the limits and go Full Speed Ahead!


 Pre-Race Pickup

  • Friday 6pm-8pm 

Race Day Schedule (check back in April for schedule updates)

Bag Drop (30- and 60-mile riders only)

  • 9:00am sharp - drop bags depart for aid station
  • FSA riders: no bag drop

60 Mile Riders

  • 7:00-9:15am - bib pickup
  • 9:30am - Start for Male 19-39, Juniors, and Singlespeed
  • 9:35am - Start for Female, All other Male, Non-Binary 

30 Mile Riders

  • 7:00-9:30am - bib pickup
  • 9:40am - Start for Male 19-39
  • 9:45am - Start for Male 40-49
  • 9:50am - Start for All other Male
  • 9:55am - Start for Male SS and Junior
  • 10:00am - Start for ALL Females, Non-Binary

FSA 17 Mile Riders

  • 7:00-10:00am - bib pickup
  • 10:10am - Start for ALL Males
  • 10:15am - Start for ALL Females, Non-Binary


  • 2:30pm: 30 Mile - end of 2nd loop (Aid #1)
  • 4:30pm: 60 Mile - end of 4th loop (Aid #1)
  • 7:00pm - Course closes

Racer packet

Download a PDF (updated in-progress).

Course details

FSA 17-mile course

Map coming soon

30/60 mile course

Check out the interactive map (update in progress)

Download a .gpx file:

Course flow, Loops, Finish

Please check the course map for detailed information.

1 Lap is 17.5 mi with 1737ft of climbing
The Course
The first part is the same as BUDU:
  • Up the road
  • Right into the trail
  • Up Ewok climb
  • Down Ewok and up the road to the lookout
After that:
  • Right turn at the Lookout to the road. 
  • Left on the road
  • Right into Forbidden Forest 
  • Forbidden Forest becomes Twisted Sister
  • Right out of Twisted Sister, short road descent
  • SHARP left into Funky Chicken
  • Right turn and short road descent to Wild West
  • Left after the top of Wild West to Warlock
  • Quick left right and up the road
  • Left turn off the road to trail which becomes road
  • Right turn into Clear Cut (take left fork)
  • Left turn on road
  • Right turn on Coyote
  • Right turn on Ridge
  • Left turn on Flash
  • Sharp left turn onto Valley Trail
  • AID STATION at the end of Valley almost exactly 1/2 through the loop. This will also be the bag drop
  • Right turn after the Aid Station to Hyperspace (Take right hand fork)
  • Left turn onto the road
  • Left turn to Bobsled extension
  • Cross road to Bobsled
  • Cross road to Upper Mirkwood
  • Left to Derailed
  • Left on the road then left again
  • Right to Lower Mirkwood
  • Out onto road after exiting Mirkwood
  • Left on Ankle Biter
  • Right on Road
  • Right to Hood
Last Lap (this is the same finish as BUDU)
  • Cross road to Secret Squirrel
  • Right turn on road 
  • Right Turn to Stumps
  • Left turn on road, then right turn on road
  • Right turn to Beaver Pond
Laps 2 & 3 - At Bottom of Hood:
  • Left to Buzzcut (reverse of BUDU)
  • Left up Hope (reverse of BUDU)
  • Left and back on course

The course is very similar to previous years but has a couple of short sections of fire road added, particularly early in the loop, where riders that get stuck behind slower riders can pass. Be courteous, announce it ahead of time, then pass. The race is long and there will be plenty of time to safely pass rather than causing a crash.


Aid Stations

There will be two aid stations per 15-mile loop

Aid #1 (at Mile 1.8, start of loops)

  • provided food TBA
  • No additional bikes, vehicles, or personal/team tents. Support crews are allowed but will need to hike or bike (approx. 1.8 miles one way)

Aid #2 (at Mile 9, 23, 38, 53)

  • provided food TBA
  • Will have full neutral support station
Drop bags (30 and 60 Mile only)

Will be delivered to Aid #2 prior to the race start. Please bring a unique bag that you will recognize. You may want to protect the contents with plastic liners in case of rain.

No bins allowed!

Course markings

The course will be marked with orange signs, clip-on streamers, caution tape, and flour. Turns will be indicated with directional arrows, flour arrows, and multiple strips of orange ribbons hanging on the side where the turn will occur. These will be followed by confidence ribbons after the turn.

Series Sponsors

Many thanks to Series sponsor Visit Kitsap. Visit the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula, conveniently located directly across Puget Sound from Seattle. We offer a lot of things to do all year long and a wide range of lodging choices, from beachfront hotels to charming B&Bs and Airbnbs in rural and waterfront settings. 

Check out the video of the race featuring Jerry Gamez.

Also thanks to Series sponsor Hammer Nutrition. No matter the challenge, Hammer performs!


Other sponsors



Many thanks to Pope Resources/Olympic Property Group for allowing us to use their property!


$5 of each entry will go directly to the West Sound Chapter of the Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance (EMBA). The EMBA maintains the trails at Stottlemeyer and many other mountain bike parks in the area. Proceeds will go towards trail building and upkeep.

Neutral Support



See map, start/finish is located just 1/3 of a Mile South of Port Gamble on US-104.

Directions from Seattle

1. Take I-5 North
2. Take Exit 177 for WA-104 W toward Edmonds
3. Turn right at WA-104 W/NE 205th St/Lake Ballinger Way
4. Continue to follow WA-104 W, follow signs for WA-104 W/Kingston Ferry
5. Take the WA-104 W/Kingston - Edmonds ferry to Kingston, Trip Time roughly 30 Minutes (Schedule) We recommend taking the 7.10AM or 7.50AM Ferry
6. Continue straight onto WA-104 W
7. Turn right at NE East 1st St, go 0.3 Miles
8. Turn right at WA-104 W, go 3.7 mi
9. Turn right to stay on WA-104 W, go 3.3 mi
10.Turn left onto Event Grounds

Directions From Portland

1. Take I-5 north
2. Take exit 132 on I-5 Hwy 16 West Gig Harbor/Bremerton
3. Hwy 16 becomes WA 3 North in 27 miles
4. WA 3 becomes WA 104 in 25 miles
5. Stay right at Hood Canal Bridge on WA104 for 1 mile to Port Gamble
6. Continue south on WA-104 E, go 0.4 mi 6.Turn right onto Event Grounds
7. Turn right onto Event Grounds