NWEpic Series Rules and Etiquette

  1. Headphones are banned at all races, no exceptions.
  2. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not allowed and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
  3. Helmets must be worn at all times during the race (CPSC, ASTM, ANSI, OR SNELL)
  4. Cheating/cutting course (intentionally) is an AUTOMATIC DQ. If a rider is injured and cuts course for safety reasons, it's a DNF.
  5. Leave no trace. Drop your garbage at aid stations or better yet pack it out with you.
  6. No dogs on course.
  7. Lapped riders must yield to leaders. Common sense, no exceptions.
  8. Ride within your limits and allow faster, more experienced riders to pass when safe.
  9. A rider overtaking another with the intent to pass should voice “On Your Left”, “On Your Right”, or “When you get time” loud enough to be heard by the slower rider. The slower rider should respond loud enough to be heard. Riders being passed should give as much room to the passer as is safe for their skill level.
  10. In the event multiple riders are vying for the same position, the leading rider does not have to yield his position to the challenging rider. However, a leading rider may not bodily interfere with the intent to impede another rider's progress (e.g., no sticking out your elbows, knees, etc.). Traditional rules of racing apply: The leading rider owns the track. The overtaking rider is responsible for passing. If you are being lapped, you are not the leading rider!
  11. Racers riding a bicycle have the right of way over racers pushing bicycles. Persons pushing their bikes MUST stay out of the way of riders. When practical, racers pushing should stay on the least ridable portion of the path when being passed.
  12. If you break a chain, have a mechanical failure, or fail to negotiate an obstacle or hill, get out of the other racer’s way immediately; do NOT sit in the middle of the trail.
  13. In the event a rider crashes in front of you:
    1. You may go around if you can do so safely
  14. In the event a rider is injured:
    • You should ask if they need immediate assistance and give it if you are able.
    • Do not encourage them to move (even if they are lying in the trail blocking ALL traffic). Do not restrain them if they try to move under their own power.
    • The 1st responder is immediately in charge of every aspect of the situation, and all other riders MUST obey, whether they are told not to go around or to help by giving assistance.
    • Contact race official immediately and report accident.

Intentionally violating these rules could end with one having anywhere from a stern warning from the race directors to a DQ from race or DQ from entire series without a refund.